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Researchers during pain assessment toolbox session.

What We Do

Research Administration staff is experienced with the details of research requirements. We provide a range of services essential to the research process, including:

  • Regulatory support and consultation.
  • Contract review and signing.
  • Research pricing and billing.
  • Budget development.

Who We Serve

Research Administration is the first point of contact for research occurring within Gillette Children's. Our office serves Gillette researchers, employees and our patients. Gillette Research Administration also works collaboratively with researchers from the University of Minnesota.


Our Mission

Provide professional guidance, administrative expertise and comprehensive services to assist those passionate about performing research to secure funding and conduct research of the highest quality to improve the care of people who have disabilities.


Human Subjects Protection

The University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves as the IRB of record for Gillette research. Gillette maintains an independent Federal Wide Assurance and designates the University IRB as the IRB of record for all Gillette research. 


Research Questions

Call Research Administration at 651-229-1745 or email


Required Training for Research

To ensure that all research conducted at Gillette Children’s meets the standards for Human Subjects Protection, all personnel conducting research at Gillette must complete training pertaining to the following areas. If you have issues accessing any of the training information below, please email or call at 651-229-1745.

Human Subjects’ Protection: The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online tutorial hosted by the University of Miami Medical School Server. This must be renewed per IRB requirements, which vary from IRB to IRB.
Privacy: Annual HIPAA training at Gillette or proof of training at your primary institution.
Conflict of Interest: FCOI online training module or proof of FCOI training at your primary institution. Training must be renewed every four years.
Conducting Research: Any other training required by a granting or sponsoring agency.