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What is Virtual Care?

Through the Virtual Care program at Gillette Children's, you and your child can have a video appointment with your care team from the comfort of home without the time and inconvenience associated with traveling. During virtual visits, patients and health care providers can see, hear and talk with each other, just like an in-person appointment, but you'll be in your home using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Virtual care appointments are currently available to new or existing patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. Please call our patient appointment line at 651-290-8707 to determine if virtual care is appropriate for your appointment needs.


How Does Virtual Care Help My Family?

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic makes virtual care a safe and important tool as we continue to provide care. Your child’s health is important to us, and providing a way that we can continue caring for your child is our top priority. With our virtual care program, your child can continue receiving care from the safety of your home.

Virtual care appointments allow for your child to continue being seen by the right provider at the right time. In many instances, our virtual care program is the best way to assess your child’s needs and put together an appropriate care plan, while keeping your child as safe as possible.


How Does Virtual Care Work at Gillette?

In an effort to ensure we are taking all necessary steps to protect our patients during this time, Gillette providers and staff are reviewing all upcoming visits to determine if a virtual appointment can meet the needs of your child. If your provider recommends virtual care for your upcoming appointment, someone from Gillette Children’s will be contacting you to discuss the change.

A discussion with your provider will be a part of this decision process. If you are not contacted prior to your appointment date, we are not suggesting any changes to your upcoming visit. Please come in as scheduled.

If you don’t have a current appointment, getting a virtual care appointment at Gillette is easy. You can call our appointment line at 651-290-8707 to speak to a patient access representative and schedule a virtual care appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you. Our goal is to provide convenient access to Gillette’s services and expertise.


How to Prepare for Your Appointment at Home

Once your appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive an email with:

  • The virtual care appointment information.
  • A step by step guide that outlines how to connect with your provider via video.
  • A copy of our virtual care consent for your review (your nurse or provider will receive your verbal consent during your video visit).

You can help make your virtual care appointment a success by getting ready in advance.

  • Use your most modern technology, be it smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Check for a stable internet connection
  • Set up in a quiet space with good lighting
  • Make sure your child is present and ready for their appointment

Virtual Care Includes Rehabilitation Therapies

In addition to virtual sleep medicine appointments, virtual Pediatric Expert Consults, and select other virtual appointment options; we have expanded our Virtual Care to include Rehabilitation Therapies. See how this important part of treatment and recovery is improving the lives of our patients and their families.


Gillette’s virtual care program was initially launched with support from Dairy Queen and continues today through the generosity of our donors.
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