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A meaningful way to say thank you for the care you received

Gillette Children’s is honored and grateful to care for your loved one and values the trust you instill in us. 

You’re now part of the Gillette community of parents and caregivers who want the best for our patients and believe everyone deserves a childhood and the opportunity to achieve greater well-being. 

Whether you’re thankful for a life-changing surgery, a cheerful smile, or a new milestone met, we’d appreciate hearing your story, having you volunteer, or receiving a gift of support.

Donate Now

Because we’re a not-for-profit hospital, your generosity would be greatly appreciated. Donations allow us to direct the funds to the mission of the hospital. Your generosity helps to build hope for our patients and families.


Express your gratitude and make a difference in the lives of other Gillette families

There are several ways you can to show your gratitude:

  • Donate to honor the caregivers who made a difference in your child's care. Perhaps a nurse, physician, therapist or other staff member made a special connection with your child.
  • Strengthen your bond with Gillette by volunteering your time.
  • Share your story about your family's experience. 
  • Make a general donation to Gillette (below). 

If you'd like to learn more about ways you can help Gillette, please contact us!