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As part of our ongoing efforts to make communicating with Gillette as easy for families as possible, we are adding a digital registration tool. Digital registration allows busy families like yours to complete registration from the comfort and privacy of home. This new tool will speed up your check-in process and make it easier to update your information. 
You will receive an email or text from Gillette Children’s 48 hours (about 2 days) before your next appointment. Click the link and complete your registration information before you arrive at Gillette. 
There may be a few hiccups during the roll out of this new feature. To ensure families like yours are notified of all upcoming appointments, we are not getting rid of the current appointment reminder system just yet. You may experience an overlap of appointment reminder messages – some with digital registration and some without. We ask that you please be patient as we troubleshoot this process. Some of your questions may be answered below. 

Gillette will send you a secure link 48 hours (about 2 days) before your next appointment. Once you click the link, you can complete all elements of your registration including reviewing and verifying information you already have saved, uploading your health insurance cards, and completing consent forms. 

If you are already enrolled in our appointment reminders, Gillette will automatically send you a text and/or email 48 hours (about 2 days) before your next Gillette appointment with a link to your digital registration forms. If you prefer to register in person, simply wait until you arrive at Gillette and go through the usual registration process at our front desks.  
To log in to your registration forms, you will enter the patient’s last name and patient’s date of birth – no extra username and password needed. Once you complete the registration once, all your information is saved. 

The digital registration software, Notable, is a secure service. Only you and your Gillette team will be able to access and change your registration information. 

To update your digital registration preferences, like sending the registration to a different phone number or email, simply let any of our staff know at the front desk during your visit and they will help you update your information.  

Please let us know about your registration questions or difficulties when you check in at your appointment.