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At Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, it is expected that all patients, families, caregivers, visitors and employees ensure a safe, professional and respectful environment.


Gillette Children's Employee Commitments

We will conduct ourselves professionally in our work with the highest regard for our patients, families, and visitors. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for appropriate behavior and be part of the solution.


Responsibilities and Behavior Expectations

  • Visitors should be screened at arrival. Inpatient visitors will get a visitor badge and make sure it is always visible. All parents, families, caregivers and visitors should follow visitor policies.
  • Anyone with the following symptoms must stay home: fever, upper respiratory infection, dermatitis, gastrointestinal symptoms or exposure to communicable diseases.
  • Clothing is required. Clothing with obscene language is not allowed.
  • Everyone should show respectful and considerate behavior that does not create a risk or threat to others.
  • Disruptive language is prohibited. This includes language that is:
    • Derogatory
    • Threatening
    • Profane
    • Excessively loud
    • Sexual
  • Possession or use of drugs or alcohol on Gillette property is prohibited.
  • Physical violence is prohibited and will result in being escorted out immediately.
  • Weapons are prohibited on Gillette property and will result in being escorted out immediately. • Consent is required for photography or recordings of employees, visitors, and patients.

If conduct does not promote a safe and healing environment, the individual will be required to leave. If you have questions about the commitment to a safe and healing environment, please ask any Gillette team member.