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A bladder sling procedure is a surgery performed to help improve urinary continence.


What is a bladder sling procedure?

A bladder sling procedure is a surgery performed with the goal of improving urinary continence. A bladder sling provides support to keep the urethra (the tube that lets urine leave your body) closed, especially when you laugh, cough, and sneeze. By keeping the urethra closed, a bladder sling reduces urine leakage.


What happens during a bladder sling procedure?

In a bladder sling procedure, a surgeon places a narrow strap, called a sling, around the urethra to lift the bladder and urethra into a normal position. The sling is attached to the abdominal wall or the pubic bone.

There are several types of bladder slings and bladder sling procedures. You will discuss the kind of surgical procedure and sling that best fits your anatomy and type of incontinence with your surgeon. See the images below for examples of bladder slings that your surgeon may use in your treatment.

Transobturator and retropubic slings to treat bladder incontinence.
Mini sling and mail sling to treat bladder incontinence.

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