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Key Points

Gillette Orthotics, Prosthetics and Seating provides Knit Rite brand socks with most types of new braces.



If you wear an orthosis or brace on your feet, ankles or knees, you need to wear some sort of sock underneath it. The sock protects your skin, keeps your skin dry and helps prevent blisters or sores. For the best protection, wear a sock that extends past the top of your brace.

Buy seamless socks, if possible, and make sure that they are the appropriate size. Socks that are too big can create wrinkles under your brace that might be uncomfortable.

The socks, your skin, and your brace should be clean and dry at all times to prevent skin breakdown or bacterial growth.

Some patients prefer to wear a long sport-type sock under their brace. Other patients prefer to wear socks that are specially designed to be worn underneath a brace. You can purchase these types of socks from the following companies:



Finding a pair of shoes that fits with your orthotics can be challenging. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Bring your braces with you when shopping for shoes.
  • Buy a larger shoe. It is normal to go up one size when wearing a brace.
  • Buy a wide or x-wide shoe with laces close to the toes (such as an athletic shoe).
  • Remove the factory insoles. (The insoles often don’t serve a purpose, but just take up room in the shoe.)

Some patients prefer to wear an orthopedic type of shoe. Orthopedic shoes usually come wider and deeper than other shoes. You can buy these types of shoes from the following companies:

Little Feet Store
Minnetonka, MN

Orthotic Shop

Peterson Shoes

Schuler Shoes
Metro Locations: 9



Other brands you might look for include: 
NIKE Flyease, New Balance, BILLY, PLAE, Tsukihoshi, ASICS, Converse, DC, Vans, Kangaroos, Hatchbacks, Merrell, Keen and Stride Ride (online only).

Look into these shoelace alternatives for more independence:

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers. If you have any questions, talk with your doctor or others on your health care team. If you are a Gillette patient with urgent questions or concerns, please contact Telehealth Nursing at 651-229-3890.