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1. Determine The Need For A G-Tube

  • You will meet with a provider to determine your child’s needs for a G-Tube. When a G-Tube recommendation is made, your nurse will provide you with educational materials and answer any questions you might have. If it is determined that a G-Tube is appropriate for your child, you’ll be referred to a general surgeon for an appointment.

2. Clinic Appointment with General Surgery

  • You will meet with a surgeon to discuss options and ongoing care treatments. Your child’s surgeon will review potential benefits and risks with the procedure. Peer support is available to help you through this process. A specialized G-Tube provider or Complex Care provider can answer any further questions.

3. Schedule Pre-Op and Post-Op Appointments

  • You and your child will meet with a Gillette dietician one week before the surgery. An appointment will also be scheduled with a specialized g-tube provider three weeks post-op to check the incision and make sure their G-Tube is working properly. Six weeks post-op, you will meet with your child’s dietician again.

4. G-Tube Surgery

  • The G-Tube procedure takes place.

5. Expected Hospital Course

  • The hospitalist will work with the dietitian to determine a feeding plan. The registered dietitian will make sure all of your child’s nutritional needs are met. You will also meet with the social worker who will help you set up supplies and vendor for home. You will be discharged home when tolerating a diet and there are no other concerns. This is typically within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Determine Feed Management
    • Your primary care provider or a complex care provider will manage your child’s feeds. A prescription will be given for formula. The registered dietitian will determine the home feeding formula and regimen.
  • Education
    • Staff including nursing, vendors, dietitians, providers, and social work will work with you to provide materials and education to ensure you are ready to care for the g-tube prior to discharge.

6. Post-Discharge Check-In

  • A nurse discharge coordinator will call 1-3 days after discharge to ensure everything is working properly.

7. Meet with Specialized G-Tube Pediatric Provider

  • An appointment is scheduled 2-3 weeks post-op with a specialized G-Tube pediatric provider. They will assess the incision and address any issues with feedings or G-Tube site concerns.

8. Clinic Appointment with Registered Dietician

  • Six weeks post-op, your child will meet with a registered dietician for care. This appointment will include a weight check.

9. Appointment with General Surgeon

  • Three months post-op, you and your child will see your general surgeon. Your child’s G-Tube may be changed at this visit.

10. Establish Plan for Future G-Tube Changes

  • While your child’s surgeon will complete the initial G-Tube procedure, it is possible to change it out at home. This is something you can discuss with your provider and decide together.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers. If you have any questions, talk with your doctor or others on your health care team. If you are a Gillette patient with urgent questions or concerns, please contact Telehealth Nursing at 651-229-3890.