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  • Your ________________ bone is being lengthened by a magnetic nail inside the bone.
  • You will begin lengthening ______ days after surgery, on __________________.
  • You will lengthen ______ times per day, ________ mm per episode, for a total of ~________mm/day.


  1. Power on the External Remote Control (ERC) and wait for the screen to load. Push the button with the green circle and white arrow:
  2. Place the white line of the ERC on the marked skin line, as pictured below:
  3. Ensure the ERC is oriented correctly. Point the arrows at the top of the device toward your feet. You must be able to read the screen.
  4. Ensure that the ERC white line remains on your marked skin line the entire time you are lengthening (usually 15-30 seconds per episode). If the device moves or slips, you may not be lengthening the bone.
  5. Push the green button again. Maintain this position while lengthening.
  6. Power off the device and plug it into its charger.
  7. Please bring your ERC to all appointments with Dr. ______________

ERC Instructional Video

View the video below or at this link or click on the QR Code below.


Home Exercises

Wear your knee brace when in bed/at rest (~12 hours/day).
Three times a day, perform the following activities for 10 minutes or more:

  • Quad sets
  • Leg lifts
  • Straight leg raises 
  • Active knee flexion (please do not allow others to help with the knee flexion)

(Patient Education – DIS133)

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your health care providers. If you have any questions, talk with your doctor or others on your health care team. If you are a Gillette patient with urgent questions or concerns, please contact Telehealth Nursing at 651-229-3890.