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Who Benefits From A Prone Cart?

Children with cerebral palsy use a prone cart to recover after a rhizotomy. A rhizotomy surgery involves disconnecting nerve roots and fibers in the spinal cord so that they do not send pain signals to the brain. After a rhizotomy procedure, a prone cart is used so that the back can heal properly.


How A Prone Cart Helps

Making sure the spine heals properly after a spinal cord injury is crucial. If your child does not take the time to recover, it could lead to pain and further surgeries. When your child lies flat on their stomach, it is the best way for their body to heal. As they become stronger, your child’s provider may suggest switching to a wheelchair. However, some children prefer the prone cart.


What To Expect With A Prone Chart

The prone cart is used right after surgery. Over the next several weeks, your child will be required to do inpatient rehabilitation therapy. When not in therapy sessions, your child will use the prone cart. It is meant to help children relax and heal, while also allowing them to be mobile.

It is best to work with your child’s provider to determine how long your child needs to use the cart. Typically, the prone cart is used for about six weeks after surgery. It is best that your child utilizes the cart as much as possible during this time. The spine, nerves and tendons need time to heal. Because of this, many providers suggest only getting off the cart if your child needs to go to the bathroom


Rehabilitation And Recovery

Some children feel stiff around their neck and shoulders from having to lie face down. This is addressed during physical therapy sessions. Your child’s provider and physical therapist will work together to make sure any aches and pains are properly handled.

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