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Gillette patients the dudley family using transportation for appointments

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If you have questions or need additional resources, contact Child and Family Services at 651-229-3855.


Finding Transportation Resources

For patients and families who lack their own transportation or whose disabilities prevent them from using public transportation, there are other options.

For example, people who qualify for Medical Assistance often qualify for no-cost transportation to and from medical appointments. For transportation to places other than medical appointments, low-cost transportation might be available through Metro Mobility or other county-based para-transit options.

If you’re flying to the Twin Cities for surgery, make flight arrangements with flexibility for the return flight date, if possible. Before you arrive, we estimate the length of stay the patient will need, but sometimes we adjust this estimate after surgery. If the patient will travel home in a cast, consider asking the airline about seating options. Bulkhead seating (in the first row behind first or business class) might offer more room.

Arrange to leave the hospital in an appropriate vehicle. Surgery might require that the patient lie down in the vehicle during the trip home. If your family vehicle doesn’t have enough space for that, arrange for use of another vehicle that will suit your needs. For some patients, special car seats are available to safely secure a child in a vehicle while reclined. We can help you obtain one if it’s appropriate and safe for the patient.

Gillette social workers can help you find disability-related transportation resources. We’ll support you in submitting applications and learning to use the options.


Nearby Accommodations

A number of hotels offer discounts for patients who are visiting Gillette’s St. Paul Campus and suburban outpatient clinics. Download our lodging list (PDF) to learn more about available options.