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Board Officers

Board of Directors

  • Mitche Bleske

    Mitch Bleske

    Chief Operating Officer, Bremer Financial Corporation
  • Jodi Capistrant

    Jodi Capistrant

    Director and Senior Partner, The Chartis Group
  • LeMetrice Dopson

    LaMetrice Dopson

    Senior Director, Construction, Comcast
  • John Ellenberger

    John Ellenberger

    Senior Vice President, Land O’Lakes
  • Jeffrey Freyer

    Jeffrey Freyer

    Senior Vice President, Business Development – Americas, Grain Management
  • Madeleine Gagnon, MD, Pediatrics and General Medicine

    Madeleine Gagnon, MD

    Complex Care Pediatrician
  • Patrick Maillet

    Patrick Maillet

    Government Relations Counsel, Legal Services Corporation
  • Anne Meyer

    Anne Meyer

    Senior Director and Corporate Controller, Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
  • Mary Maertens

    Mary Maertens

    President, M4Resources LLC
  • Andrew Thelander

    Andrew Thelander

    Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Wealth Enhancement Group

Community Members of Board Committees

  • Phil Becker

    Phil Becker

    Deputy Chief Investment Officer, ECMC Group
  • Art Beisang, MD

    Art Beisang, MD

    Complex Care Pediatrician
  • Dave Bestler

    Dave Bestler

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Hubbard Radio LLC
  • Sean Elliott, MD

    Sean Elliott, MD

  • Diane Harper

    Diane Harper

    Vice President, Consumer Insights and Analytics, Schwan’s Company
  • Scott Robinson

    Scott Robinson

    Chief Financial Officer, Imation

The Board of Directors of Gillette Children’s is committed to the principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please read more about our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement.

 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement