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Kara Leiser PhD, LP
  • Neuropsychologist


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My Locations

  • I believe in partnering with families, educators, and other care providers across settings to promote optimal quality of life for children and young adults. By identifying individual strengths and needs, we can guide intervention planning and achieve goals to the greatest extent possible given the underlying conditions.
  • Graduate Degree: 
    Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Marquette University, Milwaukee

    Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology, University of Minnesota Medical School and Children's Hospital

  • International Neuropsychological Society; American Epilepsy Society
  • Leiser K, Kaugars A & Heffelfinger A (2017). Associations among parent-child relationships and cognitive and language outcomes in a clinical sample of preschool children. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 31 (2): 423-437. PMID: 28084188 Miller W, Rothman S, Nascene D, Kivisto T, DeFor T, Ziegler R, Eisengart J, Leiser K et al. (2011). Outcomes following allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for childhood cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy: the largest single-institution cohort report. Blood, 118,1971-8. PMID: 2158676 Lindstedt (Leiser) K & Zaccariello M (2010). Reading fluency: A tale of two assessments. [Case Study] In J Apps, R Newby & L Roberts (Eds.), Telling stories: Pediatric neuropsychology case studies from the Exceptional to the Commonplace (pp. 191-199). New York: Springer.

  • I enjoy discovering waterfalls and exploring the natural beauty of the Great Lakes with my family. I also appreciate the fine arts: I play the piano and teach children's music.


The stories of Gillette patients, families and team members who help inspire and inform.