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The Gillette Approach to Perthes

The Gillette care team is focused on the patient and family. The approach is often inter-disciplinary, offering not only orthopaedic care but meeting the other physical, psychological, and functional needs of the patient and family, as well. We base our care on the available evidence in the literature and on our extensive experience with this condition. There remain many unanswered questions about this condition, and we will be open with you about what is known … and what is not known. A new Perthes diagnosis can be an overwhelming time for a patient and family – our care team is ready to answer questions and to support you through this process.


Our Specialties and Services

The Gillette Perthes Clinics, in Saint Paul and Maple Grove, are dedicated times for seeing patients with Perthes disease. Our providers also see patients in Burnsville. We have physical therapy and radiology services in Saint Paul, Maple Grove and Burnsville. We are actively involved in Perthes-specific research – please let us know if you are interested in discussing possible research opportunities.