Gillette Children’s is excited to announce the Children and Youth with Special Health Needs Health Care Transition Learning Collaborative (HCT LC), a groundbreaking project aimed at advancing pediatric to adult healthcare transition for children and youth with special health needs. Supported by a grant of $160,000 from the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Child and Family Health Division, this 14-month initiative began in June 2023. Led by Tori Bahr, MD, and Rhonda Cady, PhD, in partnership with the National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health/Got Transition, the HCT LC strives to achieve a seamless, equitable, and inclusive transition process.

The HCT LC will leverage a virtual “all teach, all learn” approach to facilitate monthly learning opportunities and multidisciplinary discussions. These virtual sessions will consist of expert lectures on various transition-related topics followed by interactive case studies where audience members and faculty engage in collaborative problem-solving. With 10 planned sessions, each lasting approximately one hour, participants will gain valuable insights on enhancing their clinics, hospitals, programs, and overall state practices related to healthcare transition. 

“The Children and Youth with Special Health Needs Health Care Transition Learning Collaborative is a critical step toward ensuring that our healthcare system meets the unique needs of children and youth with special health needs,” Dr. Bahr says. “This collaborative effort will drive positive change, improve outcomes, and create a more inclusive and equitable transition process.”

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