Dr Graupman, Dr Kim and Dr Song

The Gillette Neurosurgery team is proficient in diagnosing and treating a wide array of conditions. With the largest group of pediatric neurosurgeons in Minnesota, the Gillette Neurosurgery team takes on the full scope of conditions and concerns affecting the spinal cord, neck, nerves, and brain. The team also provides neurosurgical care to treat the secondary effects of complex conditions.

The Gillette neurosurgery team sees conditions including:

Prenatal Neurosurgery Consultations

Because some of the conditions treated by neurosurgery are diagnosed during pregnancy, Gillette neurosurgeons also offer prenatal consultations and diagnosis. During these consultations, families meet with a neurosurgery provider to discuss the medical condition and, if appropriate, treatment options and a care plan.

Patient Report: A Shared Congeitla Hydrocephalus Diagnosis

Collin and Simon Windgassen, born three years apart, were both diagnosed with hydrocephalus at age 1. Collin was diagnosed when his pediatrician became concerned about his unusually large head size. Testing at Gillette Children’s confirmed hydrocephalus, and pediatric neurosurgeon Patrick Graupman, MD, was tapped to lead his treatment plan.

As for Simon, his mom Laura says at about 6 months old, he began crying more than usual. Soon after, he began throwing up as often as five times a day. Worried, Simon’s parents quickly made an appointment with Gillette. When Simon received his diagnosis of hydrocephalus just like Collin, “It was so easy to look to Dr. Graupman and say, ‘Go do your thing,'" shares his mom.

Same Condition, Different Courses of Treatment

In addition to their shunt placements, Collin and Simon both underwent surgery to address their Chiari malformations at age 3. Despite Collin and Simon sharing a condition, Simon has had a few more bumps in the road than his older brother. “Simon has needed six revision surgeries due to complications with his shunt,” Laura recalls.

More than anything, Laura expresses gratitude to Simon’s neurosurgery team for trusting her instincts. “I can call and say, ‘I know something’s wrong with my child,’ and they’ll get us in that day.”

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