Patient Preparation and Support

At Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, we want you to feel prepared and supported throughout your experience with us. Whether we’re helping you plan your first visit or make the most of our services, we’re eager to show you that patients and families come first at Gillette.

Preparing for Your Visit

We want to help you plan a successful experience at our hospital and clinics. Explore our tips for preparing for surgery, comforting your child, and more.

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Making the Most of Your Visit

We’ve designed our facilities and amenities to support superior care and provide a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

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Child and Family Services

We offer a full range of services to support children, teens, adults and their families. Our team includes social workers, child life specialists, therapeutic recreation specialists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, chaplains, interpreters and on-site school teachers.

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Connect With Other Parents

If you’re coming to Gillette for the first time or facing a new diagnosis, you might want to connect with other families facing similar circumstances. Or you might want advice from other parents who have more experience at Gillette.

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Pay Bills and Understand Insurance

Gillette is committed to providing medical care at a reasonable cost. We work with many private and public insurance providers.

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Learn About Costs, Insurance and the Gillette Assistance Program

Gillette is committed to providing medical care to our patients at a reasonable cost. We work with many private and public insurance providers. We also can establish payment plans or consider the Gillette Assistance Program (GAP) for families who are paying for all or part of their care.

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Interpreter Services

Interpreter services are available at no extra cost to patients and families who have limited or no English skills or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Interpreters in many languages are available in person or over the phone.

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International Patients

Gillette is a world leader in many areas of expertise. That’s why families travel from across the U.S. and world receive evaluations and treatment from our specialists.

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Your Rights and Medical Records

At Gillette, we are committed to protecting your safety and helping you understand your rights as a patient. We adhere to the Federal Patient Bill of Rights as well as the Minnesota Patients’ Bill of Rights.

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Visit or Contact a Patient

Gillette patients are welcome to have visitors, whether they’re staying overnight in the hospital or here for outpatient visits.

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