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Jo'vonna during gait and motion analysis at Gillette

Under the direction of Michael Schwartz, PhD, Tom Novacheck, MD, Adam Rozumalski, PhD, and Andrew Georgiadis, MD, the Motion Analysis Research Program conducts high quality studies aimed at understanding movement disorders resulting from cerebral palsy and other conditions.  

Gillette investigators collaborate regularly with research scientists, therapists, engineers, and patients to design novel research studies that address clinically relevant issues for children with movement disorders. The James R. Gage Center for Gait and Motion Analysis is known worldwide for our team's expertise in diagnosing and planning treatments for people who have walking and movement disorders. This has helped our gait lab to be one of the busiest and most respected clinical gait and motion analysis centers in the world.  


Our specific areas of current research include the following:

  • Development of a robotic ankle assist brace to improve mobility in individuals with movement disorders.  
  • Examining balance and lower extremity proprioceptive function in individuals with cerebral palsy.  
  • Assessing the reliability of clinical gait analysis and physical examination measurements in children with cerebral palsy.  
  • Quantifying energetic demands of walking for people with cerebral palsy  
  • Augmenting ankle plantarflexion function and walking capacity in children with cerebral palsy  
  • Remote monitoring of key gait parameters using cell phone video 

Our Team

  • Adam Rozumalski, PhD, Director of Clinical Operations, Center for Gait and Motion Analysis, Motion Analysis Research Program Co-Lead 
  • Jean Stout, PT, MS, Physical Therapist