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Create a Fundraising Page or Tribute Page

By creating a personalized fundraising page or tribute page, you’ll be able to honor a loved one, celebrate significant people or events in your life, or host your own unique event—all while raising money to help support kids at Gillette. Whether you’re honoring a family member, running a race, or celebrating special occasions like birthdays or weddings, setting up a personalized fundraising page or tribute page is a great option in lieu of gifts that can also raise much-needed funds for Gillette kids.

Start Your Fundraising Page Today!

It’s easy:

  1. Create your page.
  2. Set a monetary goal.
  3. Add your personal story or your event details—you can even include a photo.
  4. Send an email to announce your page to your family, friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to announce your page or fundraising event through social media.

You can also search our fundraising page directory to find an existing page or join a team page.

Have a Great Fundraiser Idea?

Do you have an idea for an event or activity to help raise funds for Gillette? We'd love to hear about it. 

Submit Your Fundraiser Idea

Contact with questions.