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gillette patient kaidyn with mom preparing for clinic visits and tests

If you’re coming to Gillette for a test, a clinic visit, a therapy session or an Orthotics, Prosthetics and Seating appointment, it’s important to be prepared. That’s why we’ve included some important information and resources below to help you plan your visit. Please also follow any instructions you receive from your care team in person, over the phone or by mail.


What to Bring With You

For most visits at Gillette, you will need to bring along the following items:

  • Insurance and prescription card.
  • A list of all medicines and supplements the patient takes.
  • Wheelchair, braces and adaptive equipment (if applicable).

Preparing for Specific Types of Visits

In addition, specific types of visits have additional instructions and preparation resources. Use the information below to prepare for the following types of visits:

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions that you receive directly from your care provider supercede any guidelines provided on our website.