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Gillette patient Ashlyn and nurse playing tea at Gillette children's specialty healthcare

If your pediatrician has referred you to Gillette Children’s, it’s likely because your child needs specialized care. Whether you are searching for long-term treatment for a chronic condition or disability, or short-term care to help your child through an immediate health concern, Gillette is the right place to be.  

At Gillette, your child will receive expert care from the nation’s top surgeons and physicians. Our medical staff is internationally recognized for excellence in surgical, medical and rehabilitative treatment.  

We structure our care model around your child’s specific needs. We bring together experts from many different areas to take care of all your child’s needs at once, often during one visit. Communication, collaboration and compassion are at the forefront of what we do. We are always ready to consult on any case, from the simplest concerns to the most complex. 

We serve patients who have conditions and disabilities affecting the muscles, bones, brain and nervous system. In addition to treating patients who require lifelong care, we also see patients who need short-term care for conditions such as fractures or concussions. Although we don’t provide oncology care, we offer rehabilitation therapy for children who need to regain their strength and function following cancer surgery or treatment.

We focus on providing an exceptional depth of expertise, rather than trying to provide care for all pediatric conditions. For example, we have one of the nation’s largest concentrations of pediatric orthopedic surgeons and board-certified pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialists. As a result, our surgeons can focus on specific areas of the body—such as the hands or spine—and on highly complex procedures. If your child or teen needs rehabilitation care, our physicians will create a custom treatment program involving specialists from a wide variety of disciplines.

Physicians from across the nation and world refer children to Gillette because they want the best care for their patients. Gillette is known for excellence—particularly in the areas of cerebral palsy, gait and motion analysis, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric neurology and neurosurgery, and pediatric rehabilitation medicine.

Our providers travel around the globe to speak at conferences, collaborate on research projects and teach the next generation of medical professionals. They also offer their skills and time to bring expert medical care to children in developing countries.

Gillette sees more than 25,000 patients each year from throughout Minnesota, the U.S. and the world.

You know yourself, your family and your child best. That’s why you and your family are truly at the heart of your child’s care team. We consult with you and consider your whole family’s needs when planning treatments and coordinating visits.

Our providers work in teams, combining the expertise of specialists in a variety of disciplines. For example, if your child has a spasticity evaluation you’ll see an orthopedist, a neurosurgeon, a physical therapist and a pediatric rehabilitation medicine physician.

We also offer the services of social workers, child life specialists and even on-site schoolteachers. Features like our Ronald McDonald Family RoomTM and other family-friendly amenities provide comfort and entertainment.

We think this collaboration helps your child make the most of their abilities and live as independently as possible.

Complex medical conditions like cerebral palsy and spina bifida don’t end at childhood. They require a lifetime of specialized care to help promote health and maximize independence.

To ensure that your child will continue to receive high-quality specialty care throughout their life, we offer adult services for teens and adults who have many of the conditions we treat. We also support your family with transition services as you move from a pediatric model of health care to an adult model of health care.

At Gillette you’ll find Minnesota’s first Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, operated in partnership with Regions Hospital. Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit holds a gold-level Beacon Award for Excellence, the highest honor given by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. And we’re one of just eight pediatric specialty programs in the U.S. accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to meet the needs of young children and adolescents seeking acute inpatient rehabilitation for brain injuries. Learn more about our awards and accolades.

Gillette research—lead by our own physicians, nurses and other clinicians—is building knowledge that will improve the lives of children who have disabilities.

  • We’re investigating genetic causes and possible treatments for Rett syndrome.
  • We’re studying how the care that our patients who have cerebral palsy received during childhood has affected them as adults.
  • We’re exploring new ways to slow or stall the progression of muscular dystrophy.
  • We’re assessing and alleviating chronic pain in patients who are nonverbal.

At Gillette, we’ve designed our locations to be accessible and facilitate independence for people who have physical limitations.

Examples include specialized lifts in our exam and testing rooms, wide doors and hallways, and accessible play areas. We also offer features that help promote healing and relaxation—including engaging visual distractions in many imaging rooms and surgical areas.

Our spaces are designed with comfort, independence and your child in mind.