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What Is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that tries to prevent and correct problems that affect bones and muscles, including tendons and ligaments. Gillette Children’s is home to nationally and internationally recognized leaders in pediatric orthopedics.

Integrated Care

The Gillette orthopedics team is composed of experts who’ve chosen to specialize in the unique needs of children, teens and adults who have highly complex conditions. At Gillette, you’ll benefit from expertise gained in more than 115 years of providing orthopedic care and pediatric orthopedic surgery.

You’ll work with one of the highest concentrations of pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the nation. The size of the team allows for a degree of subspecialization not found at other facilities.

With both pediatric and adult-focused providers, you’ll be working with experts who specialize in highly complex conditions and injuries. As your child gets older, Gillette will support your family in making the transition to adult-focused health care—older teens and adults can benefit from Adult Services.

Collaborative Services

If your child has a complex disorder, you might be working with providers beyond pediatric orthopedics. Count on Gillette to bring together services in a way that’s both comprehensive and convenient. Orthopedists often collaborate with providers in:


Conditions Orthopedics Treats

Systemic Conditions and Disabilities

Some complex conditions affect the entire body, and can cause orthopedic issues. Orthopedics can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan for systemic conditions like:

Lower-Extremity Orthopedic Conditions

Lower-extremity conditions affect the legs and feet. Orthopedic treatments are used for conditions like:

Hip and Spine Orthopedic Conditions

The hip and spine conditions that often require orthopedic treatments include:

Upper-Extremity Orthopedic Conditions

Upper-extremity conditions affect the arms and hands. Orthopedic treatments are used for conditions like:

Sports Injuries, Trauma and Infections

Orthopedics can help when your child experiences an injury, trauma or infection, such as:


Tests and Treatments

You’ll have access to the latest technology and techniques in orthopedics at Gillette Children’s.

Some of the available orthopedic tests and treatments for children, teens and adults include:

Prenatal Consultations

If your child has a condition that can be diagnosed prenatally, such as amniotic band syndrome, clubfoot and limb or spine deformities, you might meet with an orthopedist for a prenatal consultation. During a prenatal consultation, you learn about the condition and current treatment options, get help planning a course of treatment for your child, and receive counseling.

Acute Orthopedic Treatment

At the Gillette Acute Orthopedic Clinic, your child is evaluated and treated for complex injuries and infections of bones or muscle. You can take advantage of same-day appointments and 24-hour provider consultations—giving primary and urgent/emergency providers instant access to our specialists.

The Acute Orthopedic Clinic is not a “walk-in” clinic, staffed by general practitioners. Instead, most people are referred for a timely visit with a highly trained pediatric orthopedist, without the need for an emergency room visit.

In addition, expert orthopedists provide coverage and care for Minnesota’s first Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, which Regions Hospital operates in collaboration with Gillette. From the moment of injury, our collaboration with Regions Hospital allows your child to receive care that minimizes pain and disability, while maximizing recovery.


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