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Jenna Katorski APRN, CNP
  • Family Nurse Practitioner


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My Locations

  • I listen to patients and families to learn what is most important to them, provide education, review treatment options and provide support and resources to best meet their needs.
  • Graduate Degree: 
    Master of Science in Nursing, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

    Board Certification(s): 
    American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

  • Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates
  • Research interests in adult neurogenic bladder and bowel. Publications: Cotter KJ, Levy ME, Goldfarb RA, Liberman D, Katorski J, Myers JB, Elliott SP. Urodynamic findings in adults with moderate to severe cerebral palsy, The Journal of Urology, May 2016. Elliott SP, Katorski J, Gor R. Medical and surgical management of neurogenic bowel. Current Opinions in Urology, 2016. Goldfarb RA, Pisansky A, Fleck J, Hoversten P, Cotter KJ, Katorski J, Liberman D, Elliott SP. Neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction in adults with cerebral palsy: outcomes following a conservative management approach, The Journal of Urology® (2015), doi:10.1016/j.juro.2015.10.085. Kalyanaraman, Balaji, Katorski, Jenna, Elliott, Sean et al. PD11-06 Urodynamic characterization of urinary dysfunction in adults with cerebral palsy, The Journal of Urology, 2014, Volume 191 , Issue 4 , e288

  • I embrace the variety of outdoor activities that Minnesota has to offer, and I enjoy spending time with family and friends.


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