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What is dentistry and orthodontics?

Dentistry is a medical specialty that treats the teeth, gum, nerves and jaw. Orthodontics is a subspecialty within dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth, and correcting the way teeth contact each other.

Oral disease is the top unmet health issue for children with disabilities, and most community dental clinics are not equipped to treat children with complex medical needs. Gillette Children's is proud to partner with Apple Tree Dental to provide expert care for children and teens with complex medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy, craniofacial issues, and more.


Who can benefit from the specialized dental care provided at Gillette Children's?

Children who have a wide variety of complex conditions might have a harder time getting dental and orthodontic care in a traditional setting. These disabilities and complex conditions might include:

The Apple Tree Dental Clinic at Gillette Children's is equipped to offer oral care to children and teens with these and other disabilities.


What tests and treatments are part of dentistry and orthodontics care?

A pediatric orthodontist or dentist might recommend one or more of the following treatment options:

  • General dentistry and orthodontic care for children who have disabilities and complex conditions
  • Special needs dentistry and orthodontic consultations for conditions that affect the mouth and teeth
  • Sedation dentistry services for kids who have difficulty with general dentistry or orthodontia procedures
  • The Gillette OrthoCleft® retainer for cleft lip and palate

Integrated Care

If your child has a disability or complex condition, finding appropriate pediatric dentistry and orthodontics can be challenging. Dentists and orthodontists at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare understand the unique dental needs of kids who have conditions such as:

From sedation services to custom equipment, our specialists offer dental and orthodontic care primarily to kids who already receive inpatient or outpatient care at Gillette. To see a dentist or orthodontist at Gillette, the patient first needs a medical referral. 

As part of their treatment, your child might work with some of our experts in areas such as:


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