What Is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and language therapy for children offers support and care to kids who have trouble communicating or difficulty eating, drinking and swallowing.

Conditions Speech and Language Therapy Treats

Speech and language pathologists treat children who have a wide variety of disabilities, complex conditions and serious injuries that cause delayed speech development.

Whether your child has a lifelong condition such as cerebral palsy or needs care following a serious injury, speech and language therapy can address speech problems and other complications to help them feel more comfortable communicating and navigating their world.

Speech and Language Therapy Test and Treatments

Supported by the latest equipment and techniques, your child has many options for outpatient therapy and inpatient care at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. In addition to facilitating speech therapy activities, we help you coordinate care with other specialists to provide:

Integrated Care

Many children who have complex conditions and disabilities can improve their function and independence with the help of speech and language therapy.

Find out how speech and language therapies at Gillette can help your child to succeed.

Your child will work with a team of specialists who understand the challenges of kids who have conditions such as cerebral palsy, or who experience speech delay. Gillette offers the Twin Cities’ only pediatric comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Gillette is one of eight U.S. pediatric inpatient rehabilitation facilities to have CARF accreditation for both its pediatric specialty and pediatric brain injury programs. 

As part of their treatment at Gillette, your child might receive care from providers across our many specialties, including: