What Is Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics?

Neurodevelopmental pediatricians evaluate and treat infants, toddlers and children who show signs of motor and developmental delays. Pediatric behavior health is also a part of neurodevelopmental pediatrics.

Conditions Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics Treats

Your child might see a neurodevelopmental pediatrician if they show signs of motor and developmental delays. You might look for signs such as:

  • Abnormal muscle tone.
  • Asymmetrical body movements, limb posturing or limb use.
  • Difficulties with behavior or attention span.
  • Developmental delays (motor, speech, social, thinking or learning).
  • Hearing or vision problems.
  • Neurological disorders (such as seizures or cerebral palsy).

In some cases, these issues might indicate only mild delays. In others, they point to more serious neurodevelopmental disorders such as Rett syndrome.

Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics Tests and Treatments

Early intervention is important for motor and developmental delays. That’s why Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare offers a variety of diagnostic tests—many of which are done by our developmental pediatricians.

As experts in diagnosing complex and rare conditions, our neurodevelopmental pediatricians can provide initial assessments, second opinions or family consultations if your child has already received a diagnosis.

To help make your child’s health care easier to navigate, we work directly with your child’s primary care physicians, early childhood intervention teams and other community providers to offer accurate diagnoses and plan appropriate treatment. We also work closely with other specialists at Gillette when your child’s condition requires additional management or comprehensive care.

Integrated Care

The highly trained neurodevelopmental pediatricians at Gillette are experts at diagnosing children who have developmental delays, disorders, disabilities and complex conditions.

Your child’s comprehensive treatment plan might include expertise from a variety of specialists. When you come to Gillette, we help you figure out who needs to be involved and when. You might work with experts in: