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What Is Neurodiagnostics?

Neurodiagnostic testing uses various techniques and instruments to record, analyze and monitor nervous system function. A neurodiagnostic test might look at electrical activity from the brain, spinal cord and/or peripheral nerves to diagnose and treat neurological conditions.


Conditions Neurodiagnostics Treats

Conditions that most often require neurodiagnostic testing include:


Tests and Treatments

Neurodiagnostic testing can help make or confirm a diagnosis, plan treatments, and monitor your child’s condition.

Tests we offer include:


Integrated Care

If your child has a disability or complex condition, Gillette specialists can offer a variety of neurodiagnostic tests. Our neurodiagnostic services support care for kids who have a wide variety of complex neurological conditions and injuries. Our staff will work with you and your family to plan full medical, surgical and rehabilitation training as needed.

The technology and testing spaces your child will encounter here are supported by one of the region’s largest teams of pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons. Your child might work with experts (such as an EEG technologist) in the following areas: