Pediatric craniofacial and plastic surgery physician, Martin Lacey, MD, and pediatric orthopedic surgeon Stephen Sundberg, MD, retired this winter.

Dr. Lacey joined Gillette in 2008 and has served in various roles, including leading the Pediatric Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Department. He personally recruited his colleague, Jo Barta, MD, to join the Gillette craniofacial and plastic surgery team in 2019.

“I’ve known Jo since her time at medical school, and I was a mentor to her. She’s now my colleague and is a huge asset to the department,” Dr. Lacey says. “Dr. Courtney Carpenter recently joined the team and has already connected with patients and families. I know our craniofacial and plastic surgery patients are in great hands with these two doctors.”

Dr. Sundberg has been with Gillette for more than 30 years and has served in various roles, including leading the Orthopedics Department.

“I’ve been blessed to be at Gillette during a phase of phenomenal growth,” Dr. Sundberg says. “When I started, Gillette was doing 500 surgeries a year—now we’re doing nearly 10 times that. When I started, we had one location that provided orthopedic care—now, we’ve expanded our specialties and geography to reach and help so many more kids.”

Gillette Children’s will ensure your patients continue to receive the best possible care with the help of our expert, collaborative teams. Drs. Lacey and Sundberg agree—it’s been an honor to partner with you in the care of your Gillette patients.

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