Planned for release in 2024, a new series of books by experts at Gillette Children‘s will provide in-depth understanding of conditions treated at the hospital. Following the style of Gillette Press’ first publication, Spastic Diplegia, the new books will cover how a condition develops over a patient's lifetime and the evidence-based, best-practice treatments. Each title is led by Gillette providers, supported by a Gillette writer, and includes a story from a family with lived experience. Strong sales of Spastic Diplegia across the globe and requests for translation rights confirm the need for this type of series. With these publications, Gillette Children’s is leading the way globally in patient education.

The following are the five titles in the series: 
• Hemiplegia 
• Spastic Quadriplegia Levels IV and V 

The books will help families to become better advocates and co-decision-makers in the medical journey. Parents of young children and adolescents, as well as adults with the conditions, will find information to help maximize activity and participation in daily life. Finally, the books will provide valuable information for healthcare professionals, educators, students, and extended family members.

New Book for Toddlers Celebrates Differences

Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press has released Proud To Be Me, a colorful board book designed to teach toddlers about children of all abilities. Proud To Be Me was written by Gillette pediatric hand surgeons Ann Van Heest, MD, and Deborah Bohn, MD, and illustrated by Rick Korab. Production of this book was made possible by a gift through Gillette’s James House MD, MS Fund for Hand and Upper Extremity Excellence.

Proud To Be Me helps kids understand physical differences and promotes self-confidence. Whether a child has surgery to get a new thumb, a guide dog that helps them see, or a prosthesis that allows them to run, Proud To Be Me helps kids love and accept themselves for who they are. The book uses simple text and easy-to-understand illustrations to encourage children to be proud of their differences. 

“Proud To Be Me teaches toddlers about physical differences in multiple different body parts—fingers, hair, eyes, ears, legs, feet—showcasing that our differences make us unique and something to be proud of,” say Drs. Van Heest and Bohn. “Advocacy and celebrating differences are vital in fostering a world that embraces inclusivity.” 

Proud To Be Me is the fourth book published by Gillette Children's Healthcare Press. All proceeds from the book support ongoing research by Gillette’s orthopedic hand and upper extremity team. 

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