Gillette Children’s research mirrors its clinical care: it is collaborative and multi-disciplinary. It is focused on childhood onset medical conditions and rare diseases. Gillette has teams of experts from multiple fields who work together to better understand these conditions, evaluate current and potential treatments, and improve outcomes. Many institutions focus on common conditions for their clinical care and research. Gillette focuses on complexity and conditions that are
relatively uncommon.

With the addition of Alyssa Spomer, PhD, the Gillette research team now has a dedicated clinical scientist for each of its seven distinct programs. Dr. Spomer joins Gillette from the University of Washington, where she recently earned her
PhD in Mechanical Engineering after defending her dissertation, “Evaluating adaptation to multimodal biofeedback in cerebral palsy.”

Dr. Spomer says, “As a researcher, I came to Gillette Children’s not only because of its international reputation in pediatric medicine, but because it provides the opportunity to work with leading experts across multiple disciplines to directly
impact patient care. The priority that Gillette places on teambased, innovative care means I can perform research that is intentionally crafted and clinically meaningful.”

Director of Research at Gillette, Joyce Trost, PhD, PT, says, “Having a clinical scientist dedicated to each of our research programs is a huge step forward for Gillette research and an amazing accomplishment for an organization of our size.
I’m excited to see what the future holds for patients as we continue to focus on our mission-driven research.”

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