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CARF Reaccredits Rehabilitation Program for Maximum 3 Years

December 06, 2022

Gillette Children’s has received the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) reaccreditation based on this year’s survey. This is a three-year accreditation and will extend through November 2025.   

Gillette is among a small number of U.S. inpatient rehabilitation facilities with this highly sought-after credential for both pediatric specialty and brain injury specialty programs. This reaccreditation is recognition of Gillette’s commitment to improving the quality of life for the patients and communities it serves, as well as its continuous pursuit to improve the patient experience.  

Gillette’s comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program is a vital part of the continuum of care and provides access to the highest concentration of pediatric rehabilitation medicine specialists in the nation.   

As noted by the CARF surveyors, “Throughout Gillette Children's, it is evident, from top to bottom, that the care is focused and attentive to the patient and family. This drives everything that is a part of the organization, how decisions are made, and the vision for the future. This is noteworthy.”   

Comments from the surveyors:  

“In an era of change in the rehabilitation environment, the stalwart efforts of Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare for over 125 years is a strong and fundamental legacy of access to highly specialized care of children in need of rehabilitation services.”   

“Executive leadership is commended for its commitment and support of the comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program. It is evident that it values the services provided to the patients and families of Gillette, and not just as a freestanding program, but as a program that is well integrated into the system of care. It also provides the capital resources needed for upgrading the facility specific to inpatient rehabilitation and therapy services.”    

“The inpatient rehabilitation leadership is invested and committed to the quality of services provided to the patients and families in its programs. It is aware of the strengths of its program, but also is quick to know there are areas to improve and is determined to move these to an area of strength in the future. It is open to suggestions, which is a sign of an organization that wants to ensure the best things for its program.”   

“The facilities for inpatient rehabilitation and therapy services are up to date, bright, and inviting, which helps to promote the healing of the patient and family. The therapy areas have state-of-the art equipment as well as a pool area, which may be utilized for both inpatient and outpatient services.”   

“The organization has an annual staff performance appraisal that not only incorporates the appraisal of the staff members' performance in their discipline-specific area, but also includes cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion and process improvement goals. This encourages and commits the staff members to be engaged in a larger scope with the organization, staff, patients, and families.”   

“The organization is commended for a proactive approach to patient, family, and staff support that establishes a "Commitment to a Safe and Healing Environment." The effort is equitable in its messaging and systematic in its responsiveness to support the entire rehabilitation environment. In a time where many are struggling due to internal and external variables, the acknowledged approach is noteworthy.”   

“The use of assistive technology is prevalent throughout the organization, most notably the autonoME support system and dedicated rooms. Particularly for children with spinal cord injury, that is an established level of access for that population to practice with during its stay.”   

“The ease and simple access to nominate The DAISY Award® to nursing staff or Extraordinary Care Award to allied health staff via the QR code are an effective way to create the opportunity for patients and family members to acknowledge staff members who are providing direct care.”   

“The team's commitment to the person served, one another, and optimal service is clear and validated by many stakeholders.”    

About Gillette Children’s 

Gillette Children's specializes in treating complex brain, bone and movement conditions that begin in childhood. We provide comprehensive services, highly trained specialists, an integrated team approach, family-centered care and a lifetime of services.