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Gillette Children’s Announces Formation of Spine Institute

September 26, 2023

Dr. Guillaume with patient.

Gillette Children’s is embarking on a global mission to revolutionize personalized pediatric spine care with the creation of a Spine Insitute.  

The launch of the Spine Institute signifies Gillette Children’s enduring commitment to innovative, personalized, pediatric spine care. Personalized care is the result of three core principles: advancing evidence-based clinical practices, patient-oriented research and empowering parents through education to make confident decisions. Through these pillars, Gillette Children’s is transforming the care of children with a wide range of spine conditions. 

"The establishment of the Spine Institute reflects our organization's unwavering dedication to excellence in the care of children with brain, bone and movement disorders,” said Tenner Guillaume, MD, Chair of the Spine Institute. “With the Spine Institute, we will now be poised to rapidly and continuously redefine the cutting edge in spine care for every child so they can realize their full potential." 

As Chair of the Spine Institute, Guillaume brings a depth of expertise and leadership through his research, publications and activities among professional societies. Guillaume leads the Spine Institute in dyad partnership with Andrea Bushaw, PhD, RN, CPNP. She is the Director of Clinical Transformation and guides the translation and implementation of existing evidence and new knowledge into clinical practice. 

The Institute is at the forefront of the highly personalized approach to pediatric spine care. The Institute’s priority is tailoring evidence-based treatments and interventions to the unique needs, complexity, circumstances and preferences of each child. 

The Institute's clinical team delivers state-of-the-art care tailored to each child's unique needs. Advanced technologies, novel surgical techniques and enhanced imaging are utilized to maximize safety and precision in surgeries. 

Gillette Children’s Spine Institute uses patient-oriented research to identify treatments that maximize patient outcomes while minimizing treatment impact. Collaboration with national and international experts in multisite studies ensures contributions to the greater body of knowledge in pediatric-onset spine conditions. 

The Institute is committed to providing valuable resources for parents and healthcare providers. Educational materials demystify complex spine symptoms, conditions, and treatment options for parents. Continuing Medical Education (CME) is offered to healthcare providers to keep them updated with the latest research and evidence-based practices. 

Learn more about Gillette Children’s Spine Institute and its groundbreaking work in pediatric spine care