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Gillette Children’s Rehabilitation Research Program Names Director

February 21, 2024

Gillette Children’s has appointed Alyssa Spomer, PhD, as co-director of the Gillette Rehabilitation Research Program, effective immediately. Spomer joins Linda Krach, MD, in providing scientific leadership for the program.   

Alyssa Spomer, PhD

Some people who have physical disabilities, chronic pain or serious injuries need help to develop or regain strength, pain relief, mobility and independence. Rehabilitation services at Gillette Children’s help these people restore their movement and functional abilities and enhance their quality of life.  

The Gillette Rehabilitation Research Program is dedicated to understanding and improving rehabilitation strategies and outcomes for children with complex movement conditions. The active research priorities include developing and evaluating novel rehabilitation technology and interventions, advancing evidence on early detection and intervention in cerebral palsy, characterizing motor control and recovery following neuromuscular injury and evaluating current standards of care. 

As co-directors, Spomer and Krach will set rehabilitation research program strategy, grow collaborative and productive clinical research teams and support rigorous and meaningful research that will translate into clinical practice in rehabilitation services.  

Spomer and Krach have a dedicated and creative team of collaborators across the organization to drive innovative research initiatives that will both positively contribute to the broader scientific community and advance the quality of care for Gillette patients.