Preparing for Surgery

If you’re coming to Gillette for surgery or an inpatient stay, it’s important to be prepared. That’s why we’ve included information and resources below to help you plan your visit. Please follow any instructions you receive from your care team in person, over the phone or by mail.

Before your stay at Gillette, consider taking a hospital tour with one of our experienced child life specialists. We can show you our facilities and help you and your child understand what to expect during your surgery or inpatient stay. You can also see our tips for comforting children and teens before and during tests and procedures. Our goal is to help you feel prepared and supported throughout your experience with us.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions that you receive directly from your care provider supercede any guidelines provided on our website.

What to Expect

Our Preparing for Your Surgery video is an excellent resource for helping caregivers and children understand what to expect before, during and after surgery.

What to Bring With You

If you’re coming to Gillette for surgery or staying overnight in the hospital, it’s important to be prepared with your medical information and with comfort items from home. The checklists below can help you prepare for your stay with us.

Medical, legal and insurance information:

  • Completed health history and physical examination form and lab results
  • Name and phone number of your local pharmacy
  • List of medications
  • Insurance and prescription card
  • Copies of any insurance paperwork, such as preauthorization forms
  • Proof of guardianship (if applicable)
  • A list of any diet restrictions (if applicable)
  • A written copy of your bowel and bladder program (if applicable)
  • Advance health-care directives (if desired)

Contact information for:

  • Primary care provider
  • Parent, guardian or conservator
  • Social worker (if applicable)
  • Care attendant, home care provider and/or group home caregivers (if applicable)

Adaptive equipment (if applicable), such as:

  • Orthoses
  • Wheelchair
  • Communication devices
  • Other equipment

Personal items:

  • One or two changes of loose clothing, such as jogging suits
  • A robe that wraps in front and ties at the waist
  • A pair of comfortable athletic shoes
  • A pair of flat slippers with rubber soles
  • A comb or brush
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Contact lens supplies (if applicable)
  • Favorite movies, books, photographs and comfort items
  • Pillows

How to Plan Safe Transportation Following Surgery

The videos below can help you safely transport your child in a vehicle after surgery. We have provided instructions for the E-Z-ON Vest and Hippo Safety Seat. If you have any questions, call Gillette Rehabilitation Therapies at 651-229-3900.

E-Z-ON Vest

Hippo Safety Seat

Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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