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Navigating the healthcare industry can be a full-time job, especially if your child has complex medical needs. At Gillette, we understand how confusing it can be to know what’s next for you and your child’s care. We offer a care model that integrates multiple specialties into one appointment as well as several services that help ensure your family feels confident and supported in their care decisions.


Multidisciplinary Care

We structure our care model around your child’s individual health needs, focusing on helping them to achieve their greatest potential. Our care model is clinically integrated, meaning that we bring together experts from many areas to take care of all your child’s needs at once, often during one visit. We believe this care model helps your child achieve the best possible outcome.

Complex care at Gillette focuses on centralizing and coordinating care for children and young adults who have chronic and complex medical conditions. We partner with you, your primary care provider and other specialty providers to help provide a comprehensive care plan.

At Gillette Children’s, care management is a collaborative, family-centered process of care coordination, planning, and advocacy to support patients and their caregivers in managing complex health conditions. Our Care Management services are provided by a team of nurses, social workers and patient access specialists who work closely with your clinical team to help communication between you, providers and community-based resources.

Disorders of the aerodigestive system can crossover systems and specialties, which makes Gillette’s multidisciplinary approach to Aerodigestive care perfect for getting your child a comprehensive treatment plan.

At the Quick Care clinic, an experienced team of pediatric physicians and nurse practitioners assess and treat Gillette patients with minor illnesses that might be more complex due to a chronic medical condition. We want to make it easy for families like yours to find trusted care quickly when minor health issues arise.


Patient Services and Resources

We want you to have a successful, positive experience at our hospital and clinics. We're here to help you manage your medical records, ensure you understand your medical bills and insurance, provide emotional support for your family, and more.

Patient Services and Resources