What is Complex Care?

Complex care at Gillette focuses on centralizing and coordinating care for children or young adults who have chronic and complex medical conditions. Our goal is to maximize the quality of life for your child.

Whole Patient

Instead of focusing on one primary area such as rehabilitation or orthopedics, we look at the whole patient, from head-to-toe. We use a multidisciplinary approach to assess current problems, anticipate future needs, and help with scheduling to ensure those needs
are met.

Who Benefits from Complex Care Services?

Complex Care Services at Gillette are specifically designed for children or young adults who have multiple chronic, severe health conditions or complex medical needs. Gillette providers work with patients who have disabilities on a daily basis, so our staff is well versed in many of the challenges patients and families face.

The Gillette Complex Care team can provide care for your child in the following ways: 

  • Complex Care Clinic - focuses on centralizing and coordinating care for the most medically complex patients.
  • Quick Care Clinic - focuses on treating patients who are experiencing minor illnesses that require non-urgent care from providers who have training and experience in acute complex pediatrics.
  • Presurgical Patient Assessment and Risk Evaluation (PrePARE) - provides comprehensive, specialty-focused risk assessment and guidance for patients who have upcoming, high-risk surgical procedures.

Our Team

We'll partner with you, your primary care provider and sub-specialty physicians to put together a plan to quarterback your child's care for the coming year.

It’s About Partnerships

If your child has a complex condition, you can count on the Gillette Complex Care team to bring together services in a way that’s both comprehensive and convenient.

Complex care specialists often collaborate and partner with providers in:


Services vary by location. For all locations, visit Locations.