I Fit, You Fit, We Fit Together…Advances in Gillette Rehabilitation Therapies

Posted On: Sep 17, 2013

By Kristin Ries, OTR

Step inside the Gillette rehabilitation therapies gym and you may notice the inclusion of some new technology helping kids to use their muscles to better be able to do the things that kids do best. One of the newest pieces of equipment in the rehab gym is called the ArmeoSpring.

The ArmeoSpring is used as part of a program for Upper Extremity Functional and Intensive Therapy (UFIT), which also includes therapy activities such as constraint induced movement therapy. These types of therapy activities help kids to strengthen their arm muscles in order to improve their ability to use both arms together for everyday kid activities.











The ArmeoSpring is a computer enhanced therapy activity, which uses a gravity-assisted exoskeleton to support a child’s arm as they move and interact with virtual reality activities on a computer screen. The exoskeleton measures the child’s arm movement and grasp as they are motivated to move and have fun with the interactive games.

Kids with weakness in one or both arms caused by a variety of diagnoses are appropriate to participate in UFIT, including using the ArmeoSpring as part of their therapy program. The occupational therapist working with a child using the ArmeoSpring will be interested to hear what kinds of activities he or she would like to be able to better participate in as they begin the therapy program. Our goal together will be to improve a child's ability to participate in everyday activities...including all things kids do best!

Contact an occupational therapist in the Gillette therapy department at 651-229-3900 to learn more information about UFIT or the ArmeoSpring technology.