Kid of the Day - Rayf’s Story

Posted On: Sep 26, 2013

I am certain you want a short snippet of why our son is great. Well, I just don’t know how to condense why he is so great into a short sentence. So, I am going to take a chance on faith and my heart and tell you as quickly as I can.

I want people to know what our son Rayf, almost 3, has gone through to be this great. I also want to raise awareness about child neglect and the importance of good foster parents.

Rayf was born at 24 weeks with two grade four brain bleeds, which left him with left sided paralysis and weakness. The bleeding also caused severe cerebral palsy and cortical visual impairment.

Rayf came to us at 10 months old weighing roughly 8 pounds. He had been neglected so badly that his hair and nails had quit growing, which caused his major organs to shut down. He was covered in scabs from scabies tunneling all over his body, and his body and skull were malformed from lying in the same position for so long. He was so weak that he lost his sucking reflex, which made his feedings take two hours. Rayf does not sit, crawl or walk unaided, yet. He babbles but cannot speak.

Fast forward to today and you will find a handsome, happy, blue-eyed boy smiling at you. He is love. He does not know hate. He holds no grudges. He is capable of learning. He has done so many things people said he would never do. He has the most infectious laugh. He amazes us every day. If you spend any amount of time with him and leave unhappy, there is something dreadfully wrong with you. 

I am not saying this journey is going to be easy. We have four children: two biological boys, ages 9 and 8, and God blessed us with Rayf’s baby sister, who just turned 2. We officially adopted them this past spring. We are still saving for a handicapped van, ramp and bathroom for Rayf, but we make the best of it because he is so worth it. I know he was meant to be there. Rayf is our Kid of the Day!