Life for Leo after a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery

Posted On: Feb 14, 2013

Dear Gillette Team,

We are thrilled to share what our son, Leo, has achieved in the past year. It is almost one year ago (March 28, 2012) since we traveled from the United Kingdom to Minnesota for Leo’s selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery. He is now walking independently indoors and we are totally thrilled about it!

The last year was, and still is, very intense.  Leo has been doing physiotherapy five times per week with professional therapists. In addition, he is swimming, riding horses, bike riding and going to kindergarten.
Outside of therapy we took, and still take, every chance to make him work his muscles, from taking him swimming to Croatia, walking around Legoland, Windsor and Disneyland in Paris. He needs to be motivated constantly in order to keep up this intense regimen.

Leo is majorly into Star Wars now. He changed our names to R2-D2 (mom) and Chewbacca (dad). Leo calls himself C3PO and walks around with his light saber, especially when the physiotherapist knocks on the door! It is great to see him walk independently.

The selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery definitely was worth it. Leo is a confident and happy boy. He does not struggle with pain anymore, and his reduced spasticity gives him so much more energy for play, interaction and daily activities. Leo starts school in April and we are sure he will have fun.

Thank you for all your expertise, care, support, trust, knowledge and love.

- Nancy, Marc and Leo Pugliese