Meet Us Monday - Meet Paula Braaten, Physical Therapist Assistant

Posted On: Sep 16, 2013

1. What is your position and role at Gillette? I am a Physical Therapist Assistant in the Rehabilitation Therapies Department.  I have been here for 15 years and practicing Physical Therapy for 18 years.  I am also the facilitator for the Spinal Cord Injury Team here at Gillette.  Do you have a favorite story or memory?  I was working with a patient who was a teenager.  He was getting frustrated with some of the activities he had to do and he would swear in the gym.  I told him that I understood that it was hard and frustrating but he couldn’t swear because there were little kids around.  We came up with a code word that sounded a bit better.  “Suga” became our therapy swear word for the rest of his stay in the hospital.  To this day I still see him and he and I use that same term for things that are difficult. 

2. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? I like to do a variety of things from camping to baking to listening to country music.   I love to play volleyball.  I love photography and I then do Scrapbooking with all the pictures that I take.  I love to travel so coaching and being the manager aka. “do everything girl” for the MN Northstars Quad Rugby team has allowed me to travel many places and take lots of photos. 

3. Do you have any children or pets? I have a Lowchen.  What is that do you ask?  It is a small breed of dog that you may have seen in a Dog show that looks like a little lion.   I don’t care for the professional cut so my “Bear” is all the same length of hair on her body and the hair on her legs and face is a little longer.  She looks like a teddy bear so that is how she got her name. 

4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Australia is my dream vacation spot.

5. What is one fun fact about you? I have a very large family and most of us are very close!  My mom is 1 of 8 so growing up our holiday gatherings were easily 40-50 people.  Today, my immediate family is at 25 and counting.  We all live in either MN or WI too!