PICU Celebrates 500 Days Infection Free!

Posted On: Mar 21, 2012

Nurses in Gillette’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) noticed something rather unusual when reporting to work this morning: gigantic “500” balloons adorning their circulation desk!  That’s because today marks an important milestone in the unit’s push to prevent central-line associated blood stream infections, or CLABSI.

Two years ago, our PICU joined a national collaborative of children’s hospitals aimed at decreasing the infections, which can occur among certain patients during inpatient stays. PICU nurses have led the charge to review, and improve, nursing care practices for central lines—introducing new infection-prevention products and procedures, and tracking and reporting care to a national quality database.

Since joining the national collaborative, our PICU hasn’t seen a single central line infection (and today, celebrates 500 infection-free days!)  Nationally, the CLABSI collaborative has saved thousands of lives and millions of health care dollars.  What’s next for the CLABSI team?  They’ll continue marking milestones – and sharing their practice improvements with Gillette’s other inpatient units.

Gillette nurses marked an important milestone today: 500 days central line infection free.