Science-Minded High Schoolers Experience Surgery Simulation

Posted On: Sep 26, 2012

Students from St. Paul’s Washington Technology Magnet School took a break from reading, writing and arithmetic today. Instead, they came to Gillette to scrub in for surgery — literally!  Gillette welcomed biomedical and anatomy students into its newly opened Surgery Simulation Center, part of efforts to help them learn about, and experience, careers in the medical field. Students participated in scenarios they might encounter as a physician, nurse, technician, or biomedical engineer working in an operating room.

We’re excited to help young people learn more about careers in health and medicine. But surgical simulation also plays a critical role in training, patient safety, and continued innovations in patient care.  Because Gillette’s Simulation Center is unique positioned — it’s directly adjacent to real-life operating rooms and imaging suites —medical staff can rehearse procedures in the actual surgical environment (most hospital Simulation Centers are located at off-site facilities). Co-location in the operating room also allows staff to utilize the space even during short periods of free time.

Thank you to Washington students and teachers, and to Gillette’s surgery staff, for making today a success!