Neurosciences Inpatient Care

At Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, our Neurosciences Unit provides close monitoring, expert nursing care and advanced testing for children and teens who have conditions and injuries that affect the neurological system (brain, spinal cord and nerves). Many of our patients have complex epilepsy and seizures or have experienced traumatic injuries.

Why Choose Gillette?

  • We are one of the region's leaders in pediatric neurology and neurosurgery.
  • Our physicians and nurses are among the most highly trained in the nation.
  • We can meet your family’s needs with extensive child and family support services, private patient rooms, overnight accommodations, a Ronald McDonald Family Room®, and on-site schoolteachers.
  • Our facilities and technology are designed to promote healing.
  • We offer comprehensive rehabilitation services and a vast array of medical and surgical specialties.

Care We Provide

Our Neurosciences Unit cares for children and teens who have complex conditions and injuries that affect the neurological system. The unit features a well-designed environment and high tech equipment to perform a variety of tests and treatments.

We most often see patients who have:

Tests and treatments we provide most often include:

For more information about the conditions we treat at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Our Facilities

Our Neurosciences Unit is designed to provide superior medical care and support family needs. We offer private patient rooms, overnight accommodations and a Ronald McDonald Family Room®.

Locations of Service

St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)
St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)

651-291-2848 or 800-719-4040 (toll-free)

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Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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