Orthopedics and Surgical Inpatient Care

At Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, our Orthopedics/Surgical Unit provides close monitoring and expert nursing care for children and teens who are recovering from orthopedic, general, urology and craniofacial surgery.

Why Choose Gillette?

  • Gillette offers the expertise of one of the largest groups of fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the nation.
  • Our providers are some of the Twin Cities’ top experts in craniofacial and plastic surgery.
  • We can meet your family’s needs with extensive child and family support services, private patient rooms and a Ronald McDonald Family Room®.
  • Our physicians and nurses are among the most highly trained in the nation.
  • We believe that a well-designed environment and advanced technology can promote healing.
  • Our services include a vast array of medical and surgical specialties.

Care We Provide

Our Orthopedics/Surgical Unit cares for children and teens who are recovering from a variety of surgical procedures. Our nursing staff has special expertise in a variety of areas, including wound care, pain management and rehabilitation. In addition, all patients have access to Gillette’s vast array of medical, surgical and rehabilitative experts.

On the Orthopedics/Surgical Unit, we most often see patients following:

For more information about the conditions we treat at Gillette, search Conditions and Care.

Our Facilities

Our Orthopedics/Surgical Unit is designed to provide superior medical care and support family needs. We offer private patient rooms, overnight accommodations and a Ronald McDonald Family Room®.

Locations of Service

St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)
St. Paul Campus (Hospital and Clinic)

651-291-2848 or 800-719-4040 (toll-free)

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Why Gillette?

Because all children deserve a lifetime of amazing health care.

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