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We understand that leaving providers you’ve seen since infancy or childhood can be scary. As your child moves from pediatric to adult health care, we support your family in the transition. Our goal is to help you and your child find age-appropriate care with providers who understand the complexity of treating adults with childhood-onset disabilities. Please visit our Transition FAQs page for answers to questions you or your child might have as you move through the transition process.


Our Transition Clinic

Our Transition Clinic is a part of the Complex Care Clinic and works with Gillette patients to support the development of a complete healthcare team into adulthood. Our staff works to provide life transition services that include:

  • Creating a health care plan specific to your child’s needs.
  • Helping your child manage their medical conditions to the best of their ability.
  • Providing education and resources connected with legal, medical and independent living topics.

The first step to accessing adult services support is to make an appointment with the Complex Care Team by calling (651) 310-1807 and asking for a transition-focused visit. Appointments take about two hours and include a comprehensive survey of your current healthcare to date and the initiation of a transition plan. We will continue to work alongside you and your family to:

  • Create an easily accessible medical summary for future healthcare providers.
  • An individual transition plan with specific goals based on their hopes and needs.
  • Referrals or access to specialty health care providers, psychologists, and social workers at Gillette's Adult Services Clinic.
  • Support in finding a primary care provider for adults.
  • Identification of a complete adult healthcare team in the community.
  • Emergency care and hospitilization plans as you age.
  • Direction on where to gain specific skills, receive training and gather other important information.

Transition Resources


Transition Advocacy Resources

Gillette Children's Health Care Transition Learning Collaborative is a valuable resource for anyone looking to be a supportive team member during the transition process. The Collaborative holds monthly learning sessions geared toward family advocates, providers, social workers, school nurses, case managers, and anyone else who may be a part of a transition team.