Last November, at Frattallone’s Ace Hardware in Arden Hills, Minnesota, something special happened. A customer walked in and asked if he could write a check to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. The man knew that Ace supported Gillette because he’d gotten an email from the store’s co-owner, Mike Frattallone (pictured left).

Frattallone had penned an email to his entire address book of customers, urging them to give to Gillette on Give to the Max Day. He let them know that he’d match each donation, dollar for dollar. Frattallone’s Ace Hardware has a long history of supporting Gillette through its Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partnership.

Frattallone has a personal reason for raising money for Gillette. His daughter had been evaluated at Gillette because of a foot curvature. The experience of being an anxious father—and the memory of the excellent care Gillette provided—has stayed with him.

“We have almost 700 employees,” says Frattallone. “Many of them have shared personal stories about nephews and nieces and family members who are patients at Gillette. You don’t have to go far to find someone who has been touched by this hospital.”

When you ask people to give, Frattallone believes, the stories that you get back are inspiring.

Like the story of the Ace employees who volunteered to give Gillette a day of hourly wages so they could demonstrate for customers that they, too, were committed to giving.

Or the story of the customer who, when he found out that the store’s fundraising goal for the day was $100, wrote a check to Gillette for $100 right there at the register. “All of a sudden, we had a new goal for the day—$200—and a new story to tell our other customers when it came time to ask for their donations,” Frattalone says.

He isn’t surprised by the generosity. “People come to Ace Hardware because of the customer service and expertise,” he says. “They like the engagement. They welcome community involvement, and they’re incredibly giving.”

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