Watching the fire in a child’s eyes as he learns to walk again after a traumatic brain injury is inspirational. So is seeing a family rally around a child who has spinal muscular atrophy, celebrating her abilities as she charges through life in her wheelchair. It’s moving to listen to our community of supporters stand behind our kids and say to the world, “Embrace a person’s different abilities and you’ll understand that we’re all more alike than you might think.”

Our long history of treating children who have rare conditions, complex disabilities or traumatic injuries has made us resilient. Not only because we were the first. Not only because for a long time, we were the only. But because throughout the past 117 years, we’ve seen more patients who have rare and complex conditions than anyone else. That depth of experience means that we’re in a strong position to face the next century.

Our patients push us to do things a little differently at Gillette. Our providers integrate their efforts to meet the needs of each patient. We continuously seek ways to improve our specialty care model in order to efficiently provide the best, most patient-centered care. And we advocate on behalf of our patients and families in the community. 

We stay focused on those things that make us different, because they’re also the things that make us stronger.

Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for making us stronger.


Barbara Joers
President and CEO

Brad Keil
Board Chair

Editors Note: Learn more about how Gillette's differences make us stronger in our 2014 annual report.

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