Part One: Arriving at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

By: Gillette’s Family Council

Gillette’s Family Council includes parents and caregivers of Gillette patients (members pictured below include Jo Schifsky, Tara Swedberg, Tracy Chipman and Steve Ekeberg.) We help Gillette promote patient and family-centered care and offer our perspectives on programs, departments, publications and projects. In short, we represent Gillette families! Through our experiences, we’ve learned a lot about making your time at Gillette as easy as possible—and we’re happy to share our top findings with you. If you have an appointment at Gillette’s St. Paul Clinic, these tips will help make your visit simpler and more efficient.

Make Parking a Breeze

Did you know you don’t have to waste time searching for a parking place at our St. Paul campus? And you can save money on parking, too!

  • Valet Parking: Stop at valet parking on Level D of the Regions Hospital West Ramp, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. If needed, valets will help you unload and show you to Registration. Then they’ll give you a claim ticket and park your vehicle. When you’re ready to go, they’ll bring your vehicle to you. And it costs the same as parking on your own!
  • Parking Discounts: Speaking of costs, stamp your parking ticket at Information and your parking will be only $3, no matter how many hours you’re here.
  • Frequent Parking Discounts: If your child is an inpatient, or if you’re at Gillette often, you can purchase a packet of five parking tickets for $10. Get them at Health Resources and Education—next to the Ginkgo Café, on the fourth floor near the skyway.

Don’t Carry It; Stow It

Does it feel as if you need another set of hands to keep track of all the items you bring to your appointments? Gillette can help!

  • Coats and Outerwear: Don’t cart your coats, boots and hats to your appointments. Check them free at Information, on the fourth floor of Gillette near Registration.
  • Lockers: Store the things you aren’t using—from snacks to extra clothing to books and other entertainment—in a fourth floor locker during your appointments. Stop at Information if you want to use a locker.

Stay tuned for Part Two: Entertainment and Information next week!

Get Involved With the Family Council!

Gillette is recruiting new Family Council members for 2015. You’ll serve for two years and attend once-a-month evening meetings. If you’d like to volunteer your time and provide Gillette with valuable feedback—or if you just want to learn more—contact Camille Feng at 651-312-3169 or

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