By Christine Speck, Kendall's mom

Kendall had her third surgery on March 16th at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. Let me back up and explain that after her last surgery two years ago, Kendall was left with an 8" incision on the top of her head that, over the course of this time period, has stretched to a 12" line of scar tissue.

The scar healed well and looked really good, except in the back corner where it stretched under pressure, leaving Kendall with a noticeable bald spot since hair does not grow on the scar tissue. After meeting with Dr. Robert Wood last month, we knew it was time for her to have a scar revision surgery on this area, which would reduce the size of the scar significantly.

I had been telling myself this surgery wasn't a big deal, but when the team of doctors took Kendall into the operating room, all I could think was THIS IS A BIG DEAL! Thankfully, we go to Gillette. Gillette has THE BEST doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who make surgeries and hospital stays as easy as they can possibly get.

While we were getting ready in pre-op, Kendall was showered with coloring books, stickers, chap stick, a new teddy bear, her own iPad with FROZEN...I mean, c'mon. My husband Tony got scrubbed up and helped the medical team escort her back into the operating room. He said that once the head anesthesiologist put the mask on Kendall, she began gently caressing her face and whispering into her ear until she fell asleep.  Is that not the sweetest?!?!

Over an hour went by before we were called to post-op to see her.  She was moaning, crying, kicking...NOT happy. I quickly held her to calm her down. We could see the incision (about 3" long) and it looked really nice. The nurses explained to us that because of her past surgery history with high fevers, they kept her body temp lower than normal at 97.1 and they were continuing to keep her cooler. The fact that they addressed this concern so professionally and respectfully meant THE WORLD to us.

Once Kendall calmed down, she enjoyed popsicles, graham crackers and apple juice...all while being distracted during the removal of her IV. Since we didn't have to stay the night, we quickly worked on getting her to walk again so we could recuperate at home.

Two weeks later and the scar looks AMAZING, is healing well and we are very pleased with the revision results. Kendall will need to wear a hat outside over the next year, and thankfully I've found a way to style her hair that keeps the incision and most of the scar line covered without one.

We started this process over THREE YEARS ago. It's hard to believe it's been that long--we are so relieved to have this nevus removal process behind us, with a huge thanks to Dr. Wood and his talented team at Gillette for taking care of our girl!

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