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1. What is your role at Gillette? Occupational therapist and occupational therapy professional liaison. I currently split my time between our Maple Grove Clinic working with kids and teens and our Lifetime Clinic working with adults with special health care needs.

2. What is your average day like at Gillette? This is a tough one! Every day is different depending on the location I am at. At our Lifetime Clinic, I see many adults and young adults that are working to achieve greater independence in their lives. This can include independent living skills (dressing, cooking or money management), equipment (wheelchair, bed or bath) evaluations, environmental access evaluations, feeding evaluations, and assistive technology evaluations.  At Maple Grove, this includes learning of functional tasks (dressing, bathing, self-feeding), evaluations post-concussion, fine motor development, equipment evaluations, and orthopedic rehabilitation of the upper extremities (shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers).

3. Do you have a favorite story or memory? I have so many great memories here! I would say the most rewarding memories are when a patient reaches their goals that they have set and leaves more independent than when they came.  I also really love the great people I work with.  One fun memory that comes to mind is from Halloween when we all dressed up as the game “Words With Friends” and spelled out “I love Gillette!”

4. What are some of your hobbies outside of work? I love to play sports and be active.  I play many co-ed recreational sports throughout the year including: softball, kickball, soccer, and broomball.  I also enjoy being outside around the lakes either near my apartment in Minneapolis or at my family’s lake home up north. 

5. What is one fun fact about you? I grew up playing goalkeeper for soccer throughout college.  This allowed me many unique opportunities such as going to Denmark for a soccer tournament when I was 16. I think my time on a team, and handling the pressure of soccer balls flying at me throughout the game, has helped prepare me to be flexible and ready for anything here at Gillette.

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